Spring 2017 - We Begin with Some Snow

Soccer Families,

In the midst of a major snowstorm, I wanted to welcome you to the Littlestown AYSO for our Spring 2017 season.  Lots of activity has been going behind the scenes and things will begin just as soon as we finish with this winter thing that is going to make things interesting for a while.

The plan was to have our coach meeting tomorrow evening.  This is the official start of the season in many ways.  Coaches get their roster and spend the week contacting the players on their team, informing them of the schedule, and planning the start of their training sessions.  Our plan was to open the fields next week (March 20th) for practice.  The snow has already thrown a wrench into our plans.

We’ve rescheduled the coach meeting to this Thursday.  This means that most of you won’t hear from your coach until late this week.  Due to the change, some may wait a touch longer than that.  For U10 and above, you may have already heard from your coach.  If not, you should hear something soon.  For U8 and below, please be patient while we get rosters to your coach.

Our fields are very unlikely to open next week.  If the snow doesn’t melt soon, further delays will be expected.  Please be patient with us and your coach.  It’s very possible we’ll start this season investigating other venues (e.g. school gyms or the YMCA fields) while we wait for the our fields to be suitable for things other than snow angels or paddleboats.

Here are a couple of things to note

  • Our season will begin on Saturday, August 8th and end on Saturday, June 3rd.

  • Area schedules should be published the last week of March.

  • Our fundraisers this season will include a Shultz’s Sub Sale and a Pine Creek Structures Bake Sale.  More details will be provided at a later date.  Please support these as best you can.  Our league depends on the revenue generated from these events.

  • Pictures will be taken on April 18th and 19th.

  • The Antietam Cup tournament (offered to our U10+ teams) will take place on June 10th.

Enjoy the snow and think warm thoughts.  We’ll be playing soccer before you know it.

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