There are a bunch of news items below.  Take a peek.

Opening Weekend Staggered

Our U10+ teams will open this Saturday, April 8th.  Our U6 and U8 teams will begin their season on April 15th.  We are hoping the delay for the latter will allow the fields to dry and give the coaches an extra practice with their team.

Schedules Posted

All schedules are now posted, including the U6 and U8 schedules.  Please visit our schedule page, which will be updated to include any changes/rescheduling as the season progresses, to see when and where your team plays this season.  For our travel teams (U10+), please visit our directions page to find travel locations.


On the Littlestown directions page, you can find the field layout as well as a parking diagram.  Please follow the parking diagram on Saturday.  U10 parents are encouraged to park within the South gate (between the U10 fields and the woods).  Space will be at an absolute premium this season.  We have a lot of teams.  Please be considerate when parking and choosing where to park.  The grass area near the U14 fields will be closed for the foreseeable future.  The league is not responsible for any parking violations along the street.


U10 uniforms are being handed out this week.  U6/U8 uniforms will be handed out late this week and early next week.  

Picture Schedule

Pictures are scheduled for Tuesday, April 18th and Wednesday, April 19th.  Check the picture schedule for your team's day and time.  

Fundraiser Dates

Sub Sale - Orders due 4/29, delivery 5/10

Pine Creek Structures Bake Sale - 4/29

More information on these fundraisers, along with a parent packet, is coming soon.  You can visit our parents page for updated information as it becomes available.


U10+ Schedules Posted

U10+ schedules are now posted.  The U10+ season begins this Saturday, April 8.  Coaches, please let us know if you find any errors or issues with your schedules.

U6/U8 will be available by Wednesday. The U6/U8 season will begin on April 15.


Fields Open - Mostly

Our fields will be open this coming Monday.  However, please keep the following in mind:

  1. They remain very wet.  Please dress appropriately.  Please keep your kids from common and goal areas.
  2. We will be fighting the weather this week.  Please be flexible as your coaches move to drier areas and fields for practice.  Please help them out (e.g. help cone out an area, help move U6 goals).
  3. The U6/U8 fields will be closed but U6 and U8 will practice on upper level fields.  We will be sharing as we go.
  4. Keep checking this site.  I'd be surprised if the rain doesn't shut us down at least one day this week.

A field map can be found on our directions page.  Please take a look.  It'll help you know where to go, especially if you need to move for practice!


Spring 2017 - We Begin with Some Snow

Soccer Families,

In the midst of a major snowstorm, I wanted to welcome you to the Littlestown AYSO for our Spring 2017 season.  Lots of activity has been going behind the scenes and things will begin just as soon as we finish with this winter thing that is going to make things interesting for a while.

The plan was to have our coach meeting tomorrow evening.  This is the official start of the season in many ways.  Coaches get their roster and spend the week contacting the players on their team, informing them of the schedule, and planning the start of their training sessions.  Our plan was to open the fields next week (March 20th) for practice.  The snow has already thrown a wrench into our plans.

We’ve rescheduled the coach meeting to this Thursday.  This means that most of you won’t hear from your coach until late this week.  Due to the change, some may wait a touch longer than that.  For U10 and above, you may have already heard from your coach.  If not, you should hear something soon.  For U8 and below, please be patient while we get rosters to your coach.

Our fields are very unlikely to open next week.  If the snow doesn’t melt soon, further delays will be expected.  Please be patient with us and your coach.  It’s very possible we’ll start this season investigating other venues (e.g. school gyms or the YMCA fields) while we wait for the our fields to be suitable for things other than snow angels or paddleboats.

Here are a couple of things to note

  • Our season will begin on Saturday, August 8th and end on Saturday, June 3rd.

  • Area schedules should be published the last week of March.

  • Our fundraisers this season will include a Shultz’s Sub Sale and a Pine Creek Structures Bake Sale.  More details will be provided at a later date.  Please support these as best you can.  Our league depends on the revenue generated from these events.

  • Pictures will be taken on April 18th and 19th.

  • The Antietam Cup tournament (offered to our U10+ teams) will take place on June 10th.

Enjoy the snow and think warm thoughts.  We’ll be playing soccer before you know it.


Welcome to Spring 2017


Our Spring 2017 season is upon us.  As the weather warms this March (or warms and cools, warms and cools), practice will begin and our fields will be filled with young soccer players preparing for this Spring season.  While we wait for the fields to open, we are preparing our coaches behind the scenes and organizing rosters.  Most players will begin hearing from their coaches in the middle of next week.  All players should have been contacted by their coaches by March 18th.  If this date is past and you haven't heard anything, please contact us.

Upcoming dates of interest:

  • March 19 - First week of practice
  • April 8 - June 3 - Spring season
  • April 18, 19 - Pictures
  • June 10 - Antietam Cup


Spring 2017 Registration Open


Registration for our Spring 2017 season is now open!  Please join us for another season of AYSO soccer this coming Spring.  You can visit our registration page for more details.  

We will have one walk up registration scheduled for this January 19, 2017.  For those folks that register online, please note the following (which are repeated on the registration page).  Returning players need to sign up for other programs, namely our Spring 2017 program.  This is a required step to notify the registrar of your child's registration and ensure that payment is applied correctly.

There are three options for registering on

1.  Players who played this past Fall season:

  • Login to


  • Select O.K. and proceed to payment.  (Remember to register ALL players BEFORE proceeding to the online payment screen.)  

2.  Players who have not played in the fall.

  • Select RETURNING PLAYER.The next screen will ask for the parent first name, last name and home phone number.

  • Please update ALL information and complete registration. (Remember to register ALL players BEFORE proceeding to the online payment screen.)

3.  Players who have never played with the Littlestown AYSO.

  • Select NEW PLAYER.

  • Proceed to fill out the online registration form and online payment (optional).  

Please remember to print the completed registration information and concussion form.  Sign and mail with payment (unless paid online with a credit card) to:

Littlestown AYSO

P.O. Box 293

Littlestown, PA 17340


Sub Pickup

Sub and Pizza orders are to be picked up tomorrow (Wednesday, October 12) at the snack shack at the fields between 5 and 7pm


Fields Closed; Home Games Cancelled


All home games scheduled for today, October 1 have been cancelled.  We held out hope that the fields would hold up but the rain just hasn’t stopped.  

U10+ coaches that are playing at home, please contact your opposing coach ASAP and let them know of the cancellation.  Keep in mind that if you are playing away, games are determined by the home field.  You may want to contact the opposing coach and be sure your game is still being played as scheduled.  U8/U6 coaches, please contact your opposing coach and work on a makeup date.

Stay dry this weekend!