Sub Pickup

Sub and Pizza orders are to be picked up tomorrow (Wednesday, October 12) at the snack shack at the fields between 5 and 7pm


Fields Closed; Home Games Cancelled


All home games scheduled for today, October 1 have been cancelled.  We held out hope that the fields would hold up but the rain just hasn’t stopped.  

U10+ coaches that are playing at home, please contact your opposing coach ASAP and let them know of the cancellation.  Keep in mind that if you are playing away, games are determined by the home field.  You may want to contact the opposing coach and be sure your game is still being played as scheduled.  U8/U6 coaches, please contact your opposing coach and work on a makeup date.

Stay dry this weekend!


Referee Training

Littlestown will host an on the field training for all interested referee volunteers this Sunday, September 11th at 12:30 pm.  This training will take place on our U14 field, found to the right as you enter our main gate.  Please note that we will be sharing fields with the dog clubs this Sunday.  Please be courteous to our neighbors.  The U14 field should be well out of their way.

If you would like to attend this training and haven't yet contacted me, please do so.  An offline portion of the referee training is required to take this course.  There's still plenty of time to get prepared before this Sunday!


Schedules Posted

All schedules are posted.  U10+ games begin this Saturday, September 10.  U6 and U8 will begin on the following Saturday, September 17th.  U8 will again have a U8 tournament in Fairfield.  This is not yet on the schedule but stay tuned!


Picture Schedule

Pictures are currently scheduled for September 20th and 21st.  Please take a look at your team's time slot and be sure to arrive on schedule for your teams' pictures this season.  Order forms will be handed out as soon as we can get them distributed. 


Uniform Pickup - U10, U12, U14

U10, U12, and U14 parents,

Uniform pick up is this Thursday, September 8th from 6-8 pm.  Please make arrangements to pick up your uniform during this time.  Don’t miss this pick up!  U10+ games will begin Saturday, September 10th and all games will be away on that date.

Keep in mind that uniform pickup is new this year. Uniforms will not be handed out during practice times.  U6 and U8 uniforms will be distributed the following week.


Practice Begins

Our fields are open for business this week and should be full of the sounds of little feet kicking balls.  If you haven't yet heard from you coach, please let me know at


Call for Volunteers

Among the many emails I’ve received in the wake of Bryan’s passing, one person mentioned that I have mighty big shoes to fill.  They don’t know how right they are.  It takes a team of dedicated folks to run an organization like the Littlestown AYSO and Bryan was doing far too much of that work.  He wore many hats, too many hats and desperately wanted help.  During my last conversation with Bryan, we scheduled 2 things, a coach meeting and a parent meeting.  The primary purpose of the latter was to, quote, “Read the parents the riot act.”  He needed help and Bryan planned to use his not exactly shy way to ask for it.

Many of you have asked to help.  I wanted to provide some details on how you can contribute to this organization and, I hope, continue to grow the Littlestown AYSO in the future.  If you’d like to help in any of the ways below, please email me at  We’ll put you to work.    

Join the AYSO board.  We have several open positions on the board and every open position means more work for those of us already helping out.

  • Referee Adminstrator - The referee administrator creates the referee schedule and help acquire training for all our referees (note that they need not be a referee themselves)

  • CVPA - The Child Volunteer Protection Advocate handles the paperwork that ensures our volunteers are properly registered and cleared.  They also help collect and verify forms such as the concussion form each parent is required to sign.

  • Safety Director - The safety director manages the first aid supplies in the shed and handles any paperwork associated with injuries on our field.

  • Registrar - The registrar is in charge of player registration.  Our registrar (my wife) is planning on retiring as the registrar this after this season.  We need a replacement and she’s happy to help you with training.

  • Coach Administrator - I could use help filling my role while I take on the commissioner role.

  • Regional Commissioner/Assistant Regional Commissioner - There no other way to say it other than we need a new regional commissioner to keep the Littlestown AYSO going.  I’m happy to train you and starting now would give you plenty of time to learn before the next season begins.

Fundraising - We need help organizing and coordinating our fundraising events.

Become a referee!  Bryan was the referee for a ton of our games.  We need the help, especially if we want to hold our upper level games.  For those of you who have already volunteered for this incredibly important role, thanks!  You can get started by following the instructions under First Time Referee on our Referee page.  We’ll have on the field training as soon as I can schedule it.

Our shed is a mess!  We need a couple of volunteers to help our equipment manager, Dan Hahn, clean up, clean clothes, organize balls and equipment, and prepare for the season.  Donated cleats need to be cleaned and prepared for needy families (this is a special effort I hope we can organize).  We need to take stock of our first aid equipment.  He’ll be working out there at 9 am on Saturday morning.

Volunteer to help with our fields.  Our fields need to moved and lined on a regular basis.

Again, if you can help in any of the ways below, please email me at  Let’s make this league work together.