Bryan Westfall, the commissioner of our Littlestown AYSO and a great personal friend of mine, passed away Thursday morning. This shocked us all.

Bryan was passionate about his love for youth sports and his love for soccer came directly from the enthusiasm of his two young boys. I can think of no better way to carry on his memory than to continue the league he poured so much of his time and effort into.  In that spirit, I’ve volunteered to take over the Littlestown AYSO this Fall. I wanted to let everyone know what’s going on while we all deal with this tragedy.

Things will be delayed about a week. We need to solve some issues with the computer system that runs everything, get our ducks in a row, and take a moment to catch our breath. I’d expect practice to begin for most teams the week of August 28th. Some older teams may begin earlier. Your coach will contact you. Please be patient while we sort things out.

I need your help. It’s hard to describe how much work Bryan put into the league every season. His loss leaves giant gaps everywhere. This includes our board (which has multiple open positions) and refereeing. I’m going to guess that Bryan was the referee for more than half of our games and, without referee volunteers and a referee administrator, we won’t be able to hold all our upper level games. If you are willing to help with any of these things, please contact me. I won’t respond immediately but I will get back to you and this is a good opportunity to contribute.

Please join me in praying for Bryan’s family. His wife Terri and his sons, Bryson and Nolan, both of which play every Saturday with the AYSO, will need your support and love.

Kenneth Wootton
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