Referee's Corner

Please contact Myfanwy Smith with any questions, issues or concerns.

First Time Referee?

Get Registered!

  1. Register as a volunteer at
  2. Note and write down your AYSO ID.  It's on your volunteer form.

Get Trained!

  1. Use your validated AYSO ID (you'll get this as part of the volunteer application) to access eAYSO Online Training.
  2. Take the AYSO Safe Haven training, found in the courses or coach courses menu. This basic training is an insurance requirement and must be taken before you take the field.
  3. Take the Basic Referee Online Training course. Basic referee training is broken into online and field training. This step fulfills the online portion of the training.
  4. Notify our referee adminstrator that you have taken the online training. We will contact you to set up the field portion of the training.
  5. Additional training is available as desired.


Here you can find all sorts of helpful information to assist you understand the officiating of soccer. You can also find links to soccer refereeing web sites from around the world. The following websites and documents contain useful refereeing tips or links to other useful websites. Forms:

Quick Guides:


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